Why having Defibrillators is a Must in Offices?

Electrical pumps are capable of generating electricity which is then used to run multiple items. In reality, our hearts are almost similar to electrical pumps only in this case, it is intended to deliver electricity to our heart muscles. Heart muscles keep on working without breaks by pumping blood all over the body. However, there are situations to which are heart fails to produce heart beats and this is the time when electrical stimulations are called for. And this is what most people call as cardiac arrest.

Suddenly, the heart fails and the blood supply to brain and all other parts of the body begins to decrease. For this reason, the victim has high likelihood to die. According to a research made by experts, almost 90 percent of the victims have never reach the hospital and die from the condition. The good thing is that, there are AEDs or Automated External Defibrillators which is a big thanks to our modern technology that helps in reducing mortality rates drastically.

The real question now is how AEDs work. Fact is, restoring the heart’s normal condition is the main job it does. Truth is, even if the patient has to be shock or not, this electronic device could be put into use. Truth is, Automated External Defibrillator discharges the electric current needed and at the same time, reverses uncoordinated contraction of heart muscles. One of the greatest things when using AED is that, it comes with a user-friendly design which helps everyone to almost quickly understand its functions and mechanism.

The American Heart Association or AHA is working hard to provide reports that are related to heart conditions of any US professionals who are currently working. As per reports made, there are around 65% of working professionals who are actually running the risk of dealing with a cardiovascular disease and have sudden cardiac arrest. No matter how much machineries and equipment we have today, companies will still depend on its most important asset which is other than its people. It is because of this same reason why it is important for companies to look at the health condition of their employees.

Much like fire extinguishers used to put out fire, AEDs found its place in almost all organizations. Employees are provided with basic training using AEDs and at the same time, free medical checkups are being done. Furthermore, there are countless of both NGOs and government agencies offering free AED kits.

Our heart is basically like an electric pump and it is hard to tell when it is going to malfunction. We can never foresee or predict when our heart will malfunction but when it does, your chances of survival is increased with AEDs present.

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